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Good growing weather

Warm days and rain at night… could this be Camelot? I know it sounds a bit bizarre! What are we up to.. a couple of days spent weeding and caring for plants earlier this week… a few more weeding days to go, until we have the perfection that we want. Definitely a ripening, fruiting time, tons of tender crisp French beans this week, with the perfect temperatures  and amounts of  rainfall to thank.  We have a very nice batch of barlotti beans  we  have decided to let  them  go to the seed stage as the season is looking like we can, so in a couple of weeks these will be for sale, had a taste today and they are promising to be a real treat.

We planted and sowed chard and spinach this week too for your Autumn greens, amongst others

The first of the broccoli is very bountiful, big dark green  heads. A new variety of  potato this week,  Maris Bard a big favourite of ours very good tasting and able to do more than just boil. Onions are plentiful and at their prime., particularly the red Florence.

Tomatoes are coming along well and we will have more to sell than last week.

Good salads and herbs too.

Peaches and raspberries looking and tasting nice.

Preserve wise we have made a rather nice batch of runner bean chutney and a mid-week batch of Raspberry jam.





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