The end is in sight | Fern Verrow

The end is in sight

The Verrow is looking like a show garden, thanks to wonderful growing weather and many many hours of weeding and cultivation by everyone (especially Harry, the King of weeding)  Another two or three days of weeding and all will be done in that department.

The ripening stage of things is with us, plums changing colour from sage green to yellow and eventually red in the next couple of weeks. At last the tomatoes are changing colour and should be plentiful and exciting for the next five weeks or so.

Our propagating greenhouse is getting emptier, a final sowing planned next week of lettuce , onions etc for Spring harvesting.

Meanwhile we have lots for you this week. No more peas or broads, but a great selection of French beans, yellow waxy, barlotti and slender very crunchy green beans. I think the legume family is food for humans.

Broccoli has just started and is beaming with vitality. Red Florence onion are very good and very special.

Basil, very good parsley, chives, French tarragon and sage in the herb department.

Lettuce, radicchio, celery, cucumber for salads

White peach, The best of all raspberries Autumn Bliss

Beetroot and three varieties of new potatoes too.



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