Saturday 10th August | Fern Verrow

Saturday 10th August

Feeling a little tongue tied this evening and don’t know what to write.  So I will just tell you about the crops. All good here at F.V. Had two days of rather scarey torrential rain Sunday and Monday, but all fine now with warm sunshine and a nice breeze, which makes the work less tiresome from the hot hot days of the past few weeks.

Lots of splendid French beans on the plants ready for picking. The first of the runners too. Barlotti too

Lettuce a new batch of Reine des glaces, a crispy , very  tasty lettuce from the iceberg family  Webbs Wonderful too, which is also crisp with large floppy leaves, very moorish.

Courgette and yellow crookneck still on tip top form.

The last of the peas and broad beans, they have loved the rain this week, very full sweet pods.

Raspberries still going strong, picking them is hazardous as wasps are about!

Celery, Cucumbers

Red Florence onions are beginning to grow well as are the fresh white onions.

Tomatoes are taking their time, lots of fruit, but not quite ready. Next week FOR SURE.


Potatoes are very good Charlotte, Maris Bard and some pink Fir this week.

Lots of basil, mint, sage, rosemary and thyme. The parsley tastes amazing… ever had parsley sandwiches?


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