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Feeling Hungry

My goodness, we certainly have a lot to offer this week, and even though I say it myself they are amongst the best we have produced. Here goes…..


Broad beans – including a special variety called  Red Epicure.. very lovely, they aren’t prolific growers, but the taste is superb.

French beans- long slender, green, purple and yellow French, the first of the runners too.

Courgette, round, light and dark green and some summer squash. One custard white squash a beautiful squash, scalloped edged and pure white.

Salad Bags with lots of flowers to please the eye and tummy.

Celery, we had it braised for dinner last night with crème fraiche, a strong green flavour.

Cucumbers one of the best crops eaten very fresh, a dieters joy as it is so crisp and full of flavour!

New potatoes- two varieties , pink fir coming soon

Beetroot with leaves

Lettuce a new batch of Cocarde

Fruit, red desert gooseberries, josterberries, blackcurrants and superb raspberries.

Lots of basil, no tomatoes yet, but am sure that there will be a few next week.

Fresh onions, three different varieties red and white.

Raspberry jam and whitecurrant mint jelly.


I have probably forgotten something, but plenty to go along with.

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