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Salad Days

We and the plants are loving this warm weather, the day starts extra early to tend to the irrigation of newly planted leeks, lettuce and celeriac. The flowering peas and beans are needy too for water to set and ripen the coming fruit.  Irrigation really is the name of the game, Harry is on the job, pumping water here, there and everywhere to keep the crops on tip top form, heavy tiring work, but so very necessary. The days are long.

The green tones of currants are beginning to change,  ruby red jewels of redcurrants are catching the eye in the sunlight and will need to be harvested this week. Blackcurrants will follow in the next couple of weeks, we are going to be very very busy!

During the day we are taking advantage of  this perfect weeding weather. Carrots and leeks are the priorty right now, at present the weeds are small, so each day we shuffle along pulling unwanted weeds from between the small seedlings.

This week we have a wider, but small quantity of produce. Florence strawberries are looking fine, lovely perfect looking lettuce, gooseberries and lots more besides. See you on Saturday at Spa.

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