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This week we were privileged to have the company of Nick Fleming.. photographer and  husband of Guru Kaur and good chum of the one and only Millie-pup, he has been taking photographs of us and the farm, whilst keeping up to date with Wimbledon. Tristan has also been here giving us a helping hand and producing delicious treats for lunch and supper. Tonight’s delights include a strawberry shortcake. The warmer weather has been most welcome, giving the fruiting plants in particular a chance to sweeten and establish the fruiting process. This has meant a very busy time for Harry and myself, watering, weeding and taking care of things so that they can all reach their potential.

Lots of strawberries this week… ripe, red, sweet and juicy. Gooseberries too are on grand form. Salad crops, beetroot and the first of our broad beans. Beautiful bunches of roses and delphinium are major players in the flower department.

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