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Soft fruit season begins

Warmer weather and an application of 501 biodynamic preparation, early on Monday morning, has meant that the strawberries have started to redden. A taste of a bird pecked berry has confirmed that they are tasting sweet and fruity. Straw has been placed under the fruits to keep them dry and cushioned, nets are over the bushes to stop birds and our chickens from helping themselves.

Gooseberries too are ready to be harvested for this weeks Spa day. The fruits have changed colour from acid green to a softer yellow hue… so it begins. We will bring some elderflowers too, as this is certainly a taste marriage. Come early to Spa to bag your berries!

I write this whilst waiting for the sheep shearer to arrive, the ewes are panting in the pen on our yard. We will be so glad to get this job done, everyone with nice short coats and looking clean and tidy. A quick pedicure and check and they will once again be on the pasture. The fire is lit heating our hot water for a much needed bath later, (for us not the sheep) , as shearing is a smelly, sweaty business.

More lovely greens for sale this week, and perhaps the first of the beetroot. Lovely lettuce and herbs too. On the flower front we have some sweet Williams the colour of  red velvet curtains that you may find in a beautiful theatre. Lots of roses too, at last looking rather splendid.


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