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Brassica day

Today is a marker day in our season, the planting of the cabbage family, whilst planting one thinks about the winter months harvesting cabbages, perhaps feeling cold and wet, a far cry from the warm days of planting. Red cabbage, Brussel sprouts for Christmas lunch too, how the time passes by… halfway to Christmas… yes the mind does wonder. Dozens and dozens of module trays are stacked in the van awaiting a short drive to this years cabbage patch. A lovely sunny morning, and lots of rain forecasted overnight… perfect! After that we will need to weed and cultivate regularly and most importantly keep birds, rabbits and other pesky kritters off the crops.

A varied working week otherwise. A day weeding beetroot on Monday with good progress made and the crop looking good. Tuesday was a BD non planting day, so a  trip into Hereford to the bank and post office for Jane, at home an enormous bonfire was lit to burn off old hedge trimmings and bags of docks collected from the fields, very nice to have that done and the plans for a new  rose garden can now begin.

Lots of lovely greens for sale this week… most from the first outdoor picking… ruby and green chard, spinach. Salad bags on top form  as are the herbs. Tons of flowers including tall sky blue delphinums, red and pink poppies, and the first flush of roses.

I have been checking the strawberries most days, no redness yet, but there is plenty of fruit so with a bit of luck and warmth we should start harvesting in a couple of weeks. Had a taste of a gooseberry today… made my eyes water and mouth dry out, so I guess they oo will be ready soonish.


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