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Good Growing Weather

Although a little on the cool side, a good mix of sunshine and showers has helped crops and grass to grow. We are hoping for a little more warmth soon, to ripen fruit, and allow the likes of French beans and courgette to take off and really get going…still plenty of time yet! However in just over a week with the summer solstice approaching, daylight hours begin to shorten again. Enough of that kind of talk.

This week brings more radish, some very pretty, slender spring onions, and glossy beet and chard  leaves. The first of the outdoor grown lettuce, and very pretty they are too. Herbs still abundant and on terrific form. Loads of flowers for sale, with red, pink and purple shades coming through bringing a wonderful haze of colour over our flower beds. Lupins, poppies and foxglove, the first of the roses and other delights to take your breath away.. I do enjoy the flowers!

An update on the e.t.a of the fruit… hoping that the strawberries will plump up with this rain, so hopefully all going well we should have them to sell in about 2-3 weeks time. Gooseberries may be ready sooner, perhaps a little sharp to start, but that is how they are supposed to be.

A big planting out session is planned on Monday of all the winter cabbages. Meanwhile this morning we are back to shuffling along long rows of beetroot and chard for a spot of speed weeding. Sowing of spring cauliflowers and cabbages this afternoon. Most enjoyable.





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