The Sun has got his hat on | Fern Verrow

The Sun has got his hat on

A brilliant, busy week, sowing, drilling, planting and irrigating, making the days long, but very rewarding. Germination of carrots, spinach, onions and leeks has begun, and the potatoes are beginning to show  their leaves. Four varieties of  strawberries for next year have been planted in their new site. A big bed of climbing beans staked and planted… five varieties here, should look very colourful once the blossom and fruit appear. Our fields are beginning to fill up, much to our joy. The weeding marathon has begun, not so much to our joy!

This morning we are in the clouds, with a faint mist covering the ground and making everything look green and lush. The sun is due to break through by eleven. Hoeing and cultivation of fruit crops this morning those being peas, broad beans and courgette.

Our pasture meadows are awash with buttercups the like I have never seen before, the cows and sheep are munching their way through them and looking very well on it!

More chard for sale this week, lettuce, radish. Lots of herbs again on top form. The flowers for sale this week will include poppies, lupins, and buttercups

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