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Good Growing Weather

Monday morning was dry and a fruit day on our planting calendar, with rain forecasted for the afternoon , we pushed ahead and managed to plant squash, courgette, peas and beans, and even managed a little cultivation work on other fruit crops. Lots and lots of rain followed and has stayed with us the rest of this week. The promise of blue skies from tomorrow, takes the tension away. Everywhere is greener than ever, grass growing fast and trees are now finally in full leaf, what a sight it is, can’t wait for the sun to come and show off all the colours.  Have spent the rest of this week washing greenhouses, erecting supports for cucumbers and sweet peas., and doing the dreaded, but necessary paperwork. We are very prepared for the onslaught of planting we have planned for next week.

Strawberries are in full bloom, warm drier weather needed now for a tasty crop.

A good selection and number of our own lettuce for sale this week. Glossy beetroot leaves, which we know will be met with joy by many. Chard will be our staple green. Herbs are still on tip top form, having enjoyed the warmth of the weekend and the long drink throughout the week. More radish this week, our favourite French breakfast variety…. why this name I wonder can’t imagine a French person eating radish for breakfast somehow!




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