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Recipes Please

It has been a couple of months since we produced our new website. Lots of improvements still to be made, but this will have to wait for the quieter winter months.

However we would like to expand on the recipe section sooner. We thought that it would be nice to invite our customers to contribute to this page. Many hours are spent on a Saturday talking about cooking with our food loving customers. What they made for supper this week, using our vegetables and fruit. Often just simple tasty dishes, but very often exciting, exotic things. It seems that sharing recipes is something people enjoy.

If you would like to contribute to our recipe page with any recipes that you feel are your signatures dishes, using our produce of course., then we would be delighted to consider them. We may not be able to use all the contributions, but will do our best to present a wide variety of delicious things and represent all the different varieties of produce.

If you would like to contribute please send any recipes or ideas to





Raspberry Syllabub
                                        blackcurrant pie




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