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West is Best


Feeling a little smug,  we seem to have had the best of the weather compared to our Eastern and Northern friends. Cloudy chilly mornings followed by sunny warmer afternoons , and no rain! A little rain forecasted for today, which would be very welcome refresher. So we have been lucky enough to be able to get on with the work needing to be done at this time of year.

This week we have been getting another two acre patch  ready for manuring and bedmaking. This piece of ground suffered badly from the excessive amounts of rain of last season, therefore the compacted soil has a few too many docks doing their work. We have lifted and cultivated each day and our team has been collecting and removing the docks. Although tiring and rather dull, it is a rather satisfying job. No better way of getting to know and connect with the soil, than walking every inch for eight or so hours. A time to observe the soil’s texture, colour and general health. It puts us in a position where we can help it reach it’s potential and florish on all levels. By the weekend the land will be ready for planting and drilling  next week.

The Verrow is looking beautiful, very tidy having been mowed and strimmed. The fruit bushes and trees are heavily laden with blossom and young green fruits. This chilly northerly wind is circulating the air through the bushes and keeping them bug and mould free.

Please note that we will not be open until 9am this Saturday. We have plenty for sale including some tomato plants. Lots of spinach and ruby chard. Herbs and radish galore. Bunches of fresh bay for drying at home. More flowers and blossom too. Possibly the first of our own lettuce. Eggs are still very plentiful.


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