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Darling Buds of May

Finally our surroundings are lush and green. May is my most favourite time of year, new eye and heart warming flushes of vibrant new growth bursting out all over. Plenty of rain this week has brought on the growth with a helping hand of a few days of warm sun has meant we have been able to cultivate and tend to the plants. Judging by the health and vigour of the currant and gooseberry bushes we are in for a great crop.

A big sowing of seeds today, leaf crops including winter brassicas and salads for the next couple of months.
A full crew of workers with a good week of work under their belts, all doing very well, looking healthy, sun blushed, and appear to be having a wonderful time.

We should be on the up with our own produce for sale at Spa from now on . This week we have some more lovely radish, salad bags, spinach and chard. Lots of herbs again, at their very best at this time of year. Mint, lovage, sorrel, parsley, bay, sage, thyme, chervil and coriander being amongst them. Fresh herbs for teas sweet cicely, our favourite night-time tipple and lemon balm.

The flowers this week are going to be rather special, Cecilia, one of our new workers is a trained florist with a passion for want of a better word for the Constance Spry style of floristy. So cultivated flowers meets hedgerow is this weeks floral theme.


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