Saturday May 11th | Fern Verrow

Saturday May 11th

The growing season has truly begun… warm weather for the early part of this week followed by a welcome splash of rain to water has enabled our planted crops to settle in, and to bed themselves into the fertile soil. The grass and trees to finally burst out into a jungle of green. The view from our kitchen window has changed dramatically the last two days from skeletal forms to walls of fresh green leaves and blossom.
Much to offer this week, superb radish with crunch, heat and sweetness.
Last night we made a salsa verde from a selection of newly sprouted herbs, sorrel, parsley, sage, fennel, thyme, lovage amongst the mix, mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and mustard… very delicious with new potatoes and on sandwiches for lunch today. All the herbs will be for sale this weekend.
Lovely chard and some spinach too
Those interested in growing their own will be able to buy tomato and other plants from us next week.

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