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All Systems are go

Well , at last we are back on the land! The weather has been perfect, dry and not tooooo warm.. giving our soil the chance to dry and work down without too many extreme issues. We planted the potatoes this evening into warm moist soil, the best conditions for a couple of years. Five varieties this year including some pink fir apple.


Many trays in the propagating greenhouse with seedlings ready for planting out next week. Much to do we are filled with great excitement and drive to have our fields green and bountiful once again. The strawberry plants have now began to grow and have enjoyed a good weed and cultivation this week. If all goes well the fruit should be ready mid June.


The greenhouse is on top form with early sowings growing well. This week we will be harvesting lots of chard, some spinach and some very delicious radish… sorry to those that missed out on our radish last week.

The herbs are thriving, and we will have once more some sweet cicely, sorrel and bayleaves this week.


Tulips for sale this week and perhaps a few white anemones. Foraged crops include nettles and Jack in the Hedge.

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