Saturday 27th April | Fern Verrow

Saturday 27th April

We hope that you like our new look website, and links to facebook and twitter. We are very pleased with the website, and feel that it gives a good picture of Fern Verrow  and how we farm her.  A big thank you to Archie Sinclair for helping us with designing the layout of the website etc. What a wonderful thing it is, and so much to learn.

Down on the farm, things are progressing well, a new worker arrives next weekend to help us, which will be very timely with some  the land at last having  been manured and ploughed. Growing can begin once more. Land preparation can take several days, this year is a late one with the soil still very wet and cold, deep down. We have had some lovely warm days this week which has allowed the ploughed soil to dry and air. Potatoes are ready to be planted next week, and hopefully the first of the broad beans and peas.

The propagating greenhouse is filling up and most is germinating very well. All good news and we can’t wait to see the fields of greens.

Harry and I have been cultivating and weeding the strawberry beds. We have also been pruning and cultivating the herbs and flowers. The sheep have had a post natal trim and manicure and are grazing with their lambs on new spring grass once again. Hurrah!

This week we have seen the first of the new season spurt of growth. with some lovely new things for sale this weekend. Not very much but what we have is lovely.

Sweet cicely  for a wonderful fresh, sweet, aniseed flavoured tea.

Swiss chard that is glossy and vibrant

The first of our own radish, tiny, but crisp and strong flavoured.

Parsley, chives and bayleaf

The first of the tulips

Young nettles for soup or tea.

Good news too the lady hens are laying well, so eggs are for sale too.

Sorry no pictures this week, due to my lack of know how, but will have it under control next week. Will be able to send a picture of our new calf (born last week).


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