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The Inspector Calls

A paperwork week this week, with the arrival of our Biodynamic Inspector expected this afternoon. We have an annual inspection from Demeter ( the certifying body for biodynamic farmers and growers) we to  have  to record all activities on the farm; manure applications per acre, crop rotations, applications of biodynamic preparations. Always a bit of a scramble to gather invoices, trawling through a rather muddy note book to find animal movement records, where and when we planted crops etc etc. Every year I vow to have things neater and more organised, but never do ,as  paper work is very much a chore. It is however a very interesting exercise and brings the season to a close.

A cold week this week with our themometer reading minus 2 as I write this. Animal appetites have increased, the cows and sheep are munching their way through the hay. It smells of warmer days.

Spa terminus has a new website and a new map ( easier to read than the last one). It is very clear and simple and allows one to link to the websites of the various Arches.

This week we have sausages for sale. A nice selection of winter roots and greens. The citrus is good, leafy lemons and oranges tasting sweet and refreshing. Still a few geese and ducks available for Christmas, so please order asap. Remember that we will be at Spa on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd. On the 15th we are planning to bring holly, ivy and mistletoe gathered from the farm .

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