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Stormy Weather

The snow of last week seems like a distant memory now. The big thaw came with rising temperatures on Saturday and Sunday. Very blustery and wet weather followed. With the thaw and much rain the ground is as wet as we have ever seen it. What we need now is dry cold weather. It will take several weeks for us to be able to start working the land again. Ideally we would like to start preparing land early to mid March, so that gives us six weeks! So if anyone has any influence NO MORE precipitation of any kind for a while please.
At least the ground is soft and we can dig up a few things, so leeks, lettuce and spinach from Fern Verrow this week at Spa…. salad bags too.

Three varieties of blood oranges for sale this week. One just tinged with red, sharp but very flavoursome, another quite red, large very juicy fruits and the third very red with fantastic flavour.
Marmalade making its first appearance of the season. Two different ones, a burnt caramel flavoured one and the very special four fruit.

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