Starry, Starry Night | Fern Verrow

Starry, Starry Night

A clear night, full moon and sparkling stars last night lead to a reasonable frost this morning, a beautiful day today with plenty of sunshine, but certainly the coldest day of the year post summer. The ground was frozen solid after being so wet from last weekends rain. So long as one is dressed for the cold these are wonderful days to be outside, lovely cold-clean air to breath and a new landscape of skeletal trees, opening up the view over Fern Verrow. Our main focus on these days is caring for the animals and making sure they are warm, dry and well fed. All good on that front with everyone doing very well.

This week at Spa we have our usual roots and greens. Also a few lovely ducks for sale. The new season Hass avocados are back and tasting good as always. Plenty of apples and pears and citrus beginning to show themselves.  Remember to place an order with us if you would like a bird or ham for Christmas.

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