Saturday 3rd November | Fern Verrow

Saturday 3rd November

Nothing of great interest to report this week. With the clocks going back we are feeling very wintery, with many changes in the landscape, as trees continue¬†drop their leaves and the grass begins to yellow. The ground is very wet and will remain so until the spring, so little to do there. It is time to bring the cows in for winter, so we have prepared their pen and have organised the collection of straw for their bedding. We have our annual parish” T.B”. test on Tuesday so with the cows in the pen the job should be a little easier, with far less bother for the vet than if we were to do it in the field. Fingers crossed that we pass the test. It will be nice to have that job done for another year.

A few more chickens for sale this week again. Sausages next week, with gammon and bacon the following Saturday. Lots of roots again carrots and parsnips both on exceptional form. Spinach too from our greenhouse. Herbs and greens are plentiful.

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