Saturday 27th October | Fern Verrow

Saturday 27th October

Anti-freeze has been run through all our vehicles in preparation for the promised cold snap this weekend. Summer fruiting raspberry canes, loganberries etc have all been weeded, mulched and have had manure applied, just the strwaberries and Autumn Bliss to do now. One’s mind wanders over to Christmas , which would you believe is only 8 weeks away. We will have our usual selection of poultry but more about that at a later date.

Today we rounded up our ewes and ewe lambs to  give them all a winter pedicure, a “trim” also in anticipation for the Rams arrival in a fortnight. A ewe must look her best! We moved them all to a fresh patch of new grass, the young grass will help them keep in good condition, before long we will need to feed them hay. The Hereford’s are all doing well, the calf is growing well and her mother too. Granny Curly is enormous and should be at least half way through her pregnancy. Our annual T.B. test is due next month, and we will combine this with bringing them in to the barn for the winter.

This week at Spa we have a few very large chickens for sale. Lots of lovely root vegetables and plenty of greens.

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