Saturday 24th November | Fern Verrow

Saturday 24th November

Sparkling frost on Sunday with bright blue skies, today however the rain is falling heavily. Feeding the birds on a slippery slope whilst carrying buckets of food is an exciting but rather irritating experience… will I fall over or not, will I be covered in mud and smelly whey? Not yet this week, but it is inevitable.  The Geese and Ducks enjoy the rain, the pond fills up and they can be found swimming gracefully whilst of course squawking loudly at each other. The chickens are not so keen on the rain, and can be found sheltering under their house, looking very wet and bedraggled. Turkeys aren’t very fond of rain either and tend to get stay close to home and shelter. We find the characters of each of the poultry so different and they are fascinating to watch. With so many birds at the moment I tend to like our fields to a school playground, the Geese being the teenagers, not too sure of themselves, but pretending to be so by being very noisy and boisterous. The Ducks are the well-behaved fun children, happy with whatever is going on and always having a laugh with each other. The chickens make up the masses, and are always dashing around and organising the games, whilst a few are huddled under a tree chatting. anyway they all grow up eventually which leads me to tell you that we are ready to take orders for Christmas poultry either at Spa or by e-mail . So if you would like  Goose, Duck or Turkey please let us know as soon as possible. We are planning to be in London for two consecutive days before Christmas, being Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd December.

Meanwhile this week we have some pork for sale, shoulder and leg roasting joints, chops, ribs and tenderloin. The usual roots carrots, parsnips, swede and beetroot and a nice selection of green leaves.

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