Saturday 20th October | Fern Verrow

Saturday 20th October

Lots of rain this week mainly at night time ,accompanied  by fairly strong winds. Our yard is covered in Autumn leaves , sometimes I look at this and wish I could replicate its beauty on some wonderful piece of fabric. We sit on the door step at coffee break time , and one can see daily changes in the colours of the leaves on the trees. With the beautiful sunny and warm days it is a joy to be outside. We continue to tidy and bed things down for the winter.  Summer flowering bulbs have been lifted and are in store. Hedge trimming has been Harry’s main focus, with saw in hand he has been trimming and shaping  bushes and trees. This will allow them to grow stronger and give them a good start next year. A large bonfire has been going all week, which brings an  even greater feeling of Autumn. Next week we will gather the ash from the fire and disperse it amongst the fruit bushes and trees, adding valuable potash.

We brought the pigs into their winter housing on Monday. A big relief as things were getting very very muddy there, and getting them off the field can be rather a challenge, but it all went smoothly and we and they are happy to be out of the chocolate mousse.

Our own biodynamic lamb for sale this week, which is rather exciting. Good sized lambs too. Our lambs have only been fed on fresh grass, which has been plentiful this year, so we are expecting the meat to be extremely sweet and tasty. Leg and Shoulder joints, chops and stewing meat will be available.

Carrots and parsnips are our star vegetables this week, followed by some fine-looking swede. Lots of greens for sale too.

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