Saturday 15th December | Fern Verrow

Saturday 15th December

Very cold and frosty here, with every tree and blade of grass sparkling in Winter Wonderland. It hasn’t been above freezing the last three days, and everywhere is very still and quiet, except for our noisy geese squabbling with each other. Temperatures set to rise from tomorrow, which will be better for harvesting in.

We will have some “festive greenery” for sale this  week, holly,  with berries if the birds haven’t had them already, but I do suspect that with the cold weather they have been munched. Ivy and Mistletoe too,all harvested from the farm.

Christmas hams this week and next,  sausages too.

Please note that we will be open Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd. After that we will take a short break and will return Saturday 12th Jan

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