Saturday 13th October | Fern Verrow

Saturday 13th October

How the week has flown, and how Autumal everything feels. As Iwrite this the rain is pouring down, and it feels very wintery. Summer is properly over.  Tomato plants are out of the greenhouse and spring lettuces neatly planted have filled the gaps. Our neighbouring farmers are feeling gloomy, with their potatoes in the ground needing to be lifted and corn needing to be drilled. A time for reflection and hopes of a good growing season next year. Meanwhile we live and learn, and wait for the plumber to come, but that is another story.

We have some lovely pork for sale this week , a variety of cuts and potential taste treats. A few tiddly but very sweet cabbages along with a good variety of greens to keep you going. Leeks, beetroots, the first of the winter swedes. Parsnips and carrots are very very good and we appear to have a bountiful and beautiful crop of these.

The first of our own lamb next week, these lambs have only been fed on grass and are looking good.

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