Saturday 10th November | Fern Verrow

Saturday 10th November

A very busy week this week. We collected our Ram on Sunday, after having dropped two pigs off at the abattoir, he and our Ewes are getting to know each other and hopefully once acquainted we should have the Ewes pregnant and lambs to look forward to in the Spring.

The cows were brought into the barn for the winter, they behaved and co-operated very well,  one brief moment of anxiety for us as they started the go in the wrong direction, but a bucket full of apples  steered them in the right direction.  The vet arrived on Tuesday to test for T.B. .. results tomorrow, we are optimistic that we shall pass. We are tested every year which is compulsory.

All bulbs summer flowering bulbs lifted and stored, and spring-flowering bulbs planted and mulched with lots of beautiful leaf mould.

Sausages this week for sale at Spa, along with the usual roots and greens.

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