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New arrivals

As in many parts of the country we have had Siberian style weather, strong cold winds and very low temperatures. Unable to prune with these winds, as this can cause stress and bring disease to plants, so on hold for now.Today however was bright and sunny and positively warm compared to earlier in the week. This time last year we were worrying about a possible drought, and were basking in warm spring weather.
Meanwhile Spring is truly here as far as our animals are concerned. One of our cows is fit for bursting with a calf due any day. The chickens are laying very well and looking very fit and healthy. Geese are laying well too with one sweet goose having made a perfect nest in the hedge to lay her eggs. Sadly they have little chance of hatching before magpies and the like eat the eggs… It’s a hard life out there.
The ewes too are ready to lamb, a little early though, but we suspect the early arrivals are likely to be twins.
We started with the sowing this week, in the greenhouse for spinach, pak choi and salad crops. In the propagating greenhouse a few trays of different leaf crops and tomorrow a sowing of peas, broads and tomatoes.
This week at Spa we have sausages for sale the last of the pigs for a while.

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