March 22nd | Fern Verrow

March 22nd

A slushy, grey snow scene outside the kitchen window this morning. Winter still holds a firm grip. No hope of getting on to the land for sometime we fear. We watch the weather forecast, constantly hoping for a turn that will bring a few rays of sunshine and warmth so needed to get the growing season started. When it does come and it will, I think that the change will be astonishing and the growth will shoot up, can’t wait, it has been a long old winter.
Meanwhile we carry on with pruning, almost there now, the fruit trees are looking very smart and tidy. Started tending to our rose bushes and shrubs this week, rather nervous that a heavy frost will upset them, but they are good strong plants, so hopefully we shouldn’t have too many problems.
We had some very nice publicity last weekend in the Observer Food Monthly, so I know that there are a few new people reading this weeks post. I am sorry to say that we have very little produce to wow our new customers, or even our old ones. By June we hope to be back on splendid form. Meanwhile this week we have some Spinach, salad bags, lettuce and some chard.
Bacon and Gammon this week too.
Next Saturday we will have some Turkeys for sale, so if anyone would like an Easter bird please email and we can save one for you.

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