Lambing | Fern Verrow


Lambs are being born each day this week, and due to the weather and harsh easterly wind, conditions have been difficult for the Ewes. Some first time mothers have needed a little guidance and help from us to build their nurturing instincts. We have moved some mothers into the barn for comfort and the atmosphere there is very calm. It is very interesting to see this collective calmness amongst the Ewes. At any other point in the year they are rather flighty and edgy. But during lambing there is a very strong peacefulness and calmness that they all seem to be part of, even the Ewes that are not to lamb.

Whilst we are all longing for Spring to arrive and looking back on what has seemed an interminably long winter, spare a thought for the Ewes who have been outside in it every single day. They too must be waiting to feel the sun on their faces again and to see lush green grass. We admire their stoicism, and to observe the care and attention that a Ewe gives its lamb or twins is a joy. Sheltering it from the wind, cleaning it ,standing to let it feed, letting it wonder off a little way to explore, but watching carefully and listening out to hear a little bleat and immediately letting the lamb know where she is and that everything is alright.

This busy week has filled us with hope and we look ahead to being able to grow food again.

We will be at Spa Terminus as usual tomorrow.

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