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Happy New Year

We hope everyone had a peaceful, and tasty Christmas, we certainly did! We are back at Spa this coming Saturday.

The mild weather over the Christmas period has helped the few crops that we do have, to progress and grow. We have a good quantity of salad back ingredients from the greenhouse, lettuces too.Carrots, beetroot and parsnip still on good form. The first of our own leeks, rather small, but powerful in flavour. Hopefully some spinach too.

We are very happy to say that citrus season is with us again.. bergamot lemons are in, as are the Biodynamic blood oranges, we will have two varieties of bloods this week. Seville oranges will also be for sale this week.We will be busy next week making both the four fruit and caramel marmalade, which I know will please many of you.
Chicken for sale next week, and sausages the following, meanwhile we have smoked and unsmoked bacon available this week

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