Baby it’s cold outside | Fern Verrow

Baby it’s cold outside

On Monday and Tuesday we were basking in Spring like weather, but from today it has been quite a different story… bitterly cold and the land and foliage looking very wintery. But… at least it is dry and the cold dries and stimulates the soil, so we are happy! The daylight hours are up to eleven hours now and our chickens are begining to lay again… so a few eggs for sale this week for the early birds.


Pruning of fruit bushes starts properly next week, which we are really looking to, as it is a most pleasurable job, new growth has begun and one can take pleasure in the forming of the shape of the trees and bushes, whilst visialising the fruit and the warm days of picking.
Spinach and chard for sale this week, and some salad bags from the grenhouse. Sausages too and bacon and gammon next week.

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