2nd March | Fern Verrow

2nd March

My hasn’t it been cold! We have started our fruit bush and tree pruning, a job we enjoy enormously, shaping the bowl like forms of the branches to promote and aid healthy, fruitful growth. Buds are there, small, but on their way. That was Monday. On Tuesday we had a long overdue tidy of the scrap pile, and have filled a life-size tonka toy trailer of all sorts. The joy of a good tidy up takes a lot of beating, one more load and we should be clear of old fencing, bits of steel etc.
Even though it has been cold the weather is good as we have had no rain to speak of for sometime. Let’s hope that it remains this way for a while. No planting or working of the land can be done for at least a month, as the ground is so saturated, but as soon as we think that we can venture onto the land then we will be ploughing to open up the soil and allow it to breath and dry. A particularly important year to plough with it having been so wet over the last year. So we allow nature to do its work.
Meanwhile we are awakening the farm for its dormancy, by tidying and making repairs of our propagation greenhouse. An application of composted manure has been rotovated into the greenhouse, beds will be formed and some drilling of seeds in the next couple of weeks…so it begins.
Back at Spa again this week with a modest selection. Bacon and Gammon joints also. Oh yes, if anyone would like a small to medium-sized turkey or a Duck for Easter we will have some for sale. Best to order if you are sure you would like one.

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