17th November | Fern Verrow

17th November

A proper foggy morning today, making everything look and feel drab and dreary, but by 10.30 the sun had broken through and a few dim rays of sunlight brighten the skies briefly. All the ash leaves are down, but the oaks are hanging on and looking glorious… what a joy the Autumn colours have been this year. We have been sweeping and collecting leaves and adding them to the compost piles, such a pleasurable task with the knowledge that our compost heaps will benefit so much from the addition of the fallen leaves.

The greenhouse is doing well, we spent some time in there today hoeing and tending plants, whilst keeping a good eye out for slugs etc. Have been tending to some lettuces planted in the old tomato patch, which we hope will be ready for Christmas… weather permitting of course.

This week we have the usual great root crops including carrots, beetroot and excellent parsnip.More greens too, and a new variety of spinach that has red streaks on its leaves. Meat wise we have Gammon/ham joints and lots of bacon.

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