Ham | Fern Verrow


Firstly soak your ham in cold water for about six hours. Change the water. Add one or two carrots, an onion, and a couple of bay leaves. Bring to the boil, and simmer for 25 minutes per lb. Remove from stock. (save the stock, as it flavours soups very well.) Allow ham to cool for one hour. Trim off the skin. You then need to prepare your glaze. Mix something sweet, this can be brown sugar, honey or marmalade-with mustard and wine vinegar. Make this into a paste. Spread it over the fat on the ham. Put into a hot oven for half an hour until the glaze melts and turns golden. Keep an eye on this as the glaze can catch. Alternatively you can mix breadcrumbs with fresh green herbs, place on the ham, pour melted butter over it, toast in the hot oven. The ham can be served straight away – as hot, but of course you may leave it to cool and eat cold over a week. Very handy to have around at busy times.


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