Duck | Fern Verrow


Remove the Duck from the packaging, and pat the skin dry. Sprinkle a little salt on skin and place in a roasting tin, prick the skin with a fork and cover with foil. Add NO fat. Cook in a moderately hot oven for one hour. This allows the beautiful yellow fat to melt. Remove foil, baste with fat in the pan, turn heat up a little and allow skin to colour.

Half an hour before the bird is cooked mix up a sweet, fruity peppery glaze. I use a fruity jelly, for instance redcurrant, a dash of orange juice and rind, soya sauce, crushed peppercorns, honey, ginger or anything else that you think might be nice. The consistency must be able to coat and stick to the bird. Spread this onto the skin and cook for a further half an hour, basting regularly, and ensure that the glaze doesn´t burn.

Remove bird from oven, carve, and serve with the juices from roasting tin. Cooking time should be about 25 mins per lb.

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