Saturday 6th October | Fern Verrow

Saturday 6th October

October has arrived and she is behaving herself . We love these Autumn days, they are a pleasure to work in, with the light being so rich, and the sun still warm. Yesterday was spent lifting bulbs, weeding and cutting back perennial plants. A time to replant , split, renew and plan the space for next season.The newly cleared woodland area is looking amazing and we have introduced some native bulbs that will add to its beauty and our pleasure. We can’t wait to see the affects of allowing more light to enter the woodland, with no doubt that bulbs and seeds that perhaps have laid dormant for many years will now have a chance to grow and blossom.


A good range of produce for sale this week, many things slowing down for instance raspberries and tomatoes, but plenty for this weekend. Parsnips make their first apperance this week. Good greens including some tender pak-choi some  lovely lettuce too. More eggs available this week, not sure why, but I think that our meat hens have come of age and are begining to lay eggs.


Two pork pigs to the abbatoir on Sunday will mean that we have pork for sale next week.

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