Saturday 29th September | Fern Verrow

Saturday 29th September

The nights certainly are drawing in, with the daylight hours being just over 12 hours in the day. We have had alot of rain this week, but thankfully we appear to have had a fraction of what people have had further North. The pictures of a combine harvester stranded in flood water on Tuesdays news was just a further reminder of what a diffucult growing year it has been. The rain has been helpful to us with many crops bulking up from having had a drink. Warmer weather is forecast next week… will this bring the first frost?


Carrots are our star vegetable this week, great flavour and a feast for the eyes.


Lots of greens icluding Spinach, Chard, Celery and Salad crops.


Gold and red beetroots, celeriac and leeks


Possibly some chickens next week, and the following week we will have some of our own lamb for sale. However this week we have bacon, gammon joints and cooked ham for sale.

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