Summer´s almost gone | Fern Verrow

Summer´s almost gone

As the doors close on the summer months, Fern Verrow and ourselves are enjoying this prolonged spell of warm dry days. The nights and wind have been fresh, my favourite temperature of air to breath. We have nearly completed our pre winter weeding and plan to apply leaf mould onto our herb and flower  beds. We will also apply manure to the bases of the fruit shrubs and trees in the coming weeks.  Pruning can commence once the leaves have fallen, which does seem a way off yet, with hardly a brown leaf in sight here in Herefordshire, although I notice a much more Autumn hue in London. I think this is down to the amount of rain that we have had this year, with the trees having enjoyed such a long drink and many of them having put on such a growth spurt.


As I have said before our plants and animals are happy, so much loveliness for sale this week.


Lots of tomatoes-still very much in their prime


Green leaves– real spinach, chard and beetroot leaves


Runner, barlotti and yellow French beans


Raspberries still sweet and large


Carrots, celeriac, golden and red beetroot


Red Florence, Musona and Italian flat topped onions


Lettuce, Raddichio, salad bags and herbs.

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