Saturday 15th September | Fern Verrow

Saturday 15th September

We took two Tamworth pigs to the abattoir this week, so we will be selling pork this Saturday at Spa. Tamworth, a ginger pig known for its leaness and flavour. Leg and shoulder joints, chops and belly joints will be available. Some of our Bramley apples too to make the must have accompaniment to a nice piece of pork.


This lovely Autumnal weather with its cool nights and warm days is helping us a lot. The runner beans are bountiful and very good. Tomatoes are at their peak and tasting very good, one of our best crops of tomatoes ever, due to much tending and timely care. Green and ruby chard. Perhaps some spinach this week, if not this, then definitely next week. We have been eating beetroot this week and really loving it roasted in the oven with olive oil and a dash of raspberry vinegar. Lots of red florence onions and good flavoured carrots too.


The Autumn Bliss raspberries are still blissful and we have a good crop to pick again this week. Lettuces; Reine des glaces, Webbs wondeful and Cocarde being ready varieties. Have been very keen try out new raddichio varieties this season, so a few of these to appear in salad bags and on their own.


A few more courgette than we have had recently, as well as a few marrow, an underused vegetable in our opinion. I have it on very good advice, that poached in a little chicken stock and served with rice is delicious. As a child we were given marrow in white sauce, very tasty with lamb. Also can be stuffed with minced pork and oregano.

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