An Indian Summer? | Fern Verrow

An Indian Summer?

Have enjoyed this week tasting and eating two new varieties of tomatoes from our greenhouse, spent Monday stripping leaves from the plants to allow more light to the ripening tomatoes, a snazzy wall of bright colours resembling city bright lights at night. Indigo, red, yellow and green. Some small, some large, some huge and wild looking, some perfect and smooth to the touch, altogether warming and a pleasure to look at and of course to eat.


Our other jobs this week have been finishing weeding the strawberry beds ready for mulching with leaf mould and applying manure late September. Otherwise our vegetable beds are wet and soggy and struggling. We are hoping that the Autumn will bring a change and some predictable weather, and allow our cabbage plants to progress.


A fair amount of crops this week at Spa, Tomatoes and basil, shiny bright runner beans. Leeks, beetroot. Lettuces and cucumbers. A great selection of “fresh” onions. More Raspberries, some the size of strawberries. Some nice green chard and some ruby chard. Meat wise we have some bacon, gammon joints and a few chickens.

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