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Something for the weekend

Sunshine and showers have dominated our weather this week, certainly not the steamy 30 degrees that was reached in London. Not a bad harvest this week for sale on Saturday.


We have young broad beans, (our only crop this year), peas, chard, golden and red beetroot, More green strong flavoured celery. A favourite of ours, Red Florence onions, very sweet shiny purple onions, great for salads and making onion tarts. More cucumbers, and some of our own tomatoes, although these are slow to come. Herbs include parsley, thyme, basil, tarragon, mint and sage. Lots of lettuce this week, at least three varieties including a cos variety and possibly some raddichio. Young sweet carrots in very smart bunches. Hopefully a few more courgettes as growing conditions have been perfect for them. Green leaves too. Meat wise we have some sausages for sale. Next month will see chickens and our own lamb.


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