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Barmy Days

Our energy is mainly concentrated on weeding and dealing with difficult soil, which has been hammered by rain over the last couple of months. This season has hit us very hard with at least a six-week gap of production. We hope that the crops that we do have in the ground will thrive and produce. We will of course do all that we can, the current wet and warm weather is excellent for the brassicas. The protective nets are off the strawberries, and we have started to weed them, remove old leaves taking new runners and generally preparing them to be manured and bedded down for the winter. The new shoots which produce next years fruit on raspberries and loganberries are bountiful and strong, so soon we will be tying them up and cutting out this years old fruit producing stems.


Meanwhile a little more to sell this week. A batch of peas, lots of green leaves chard and beet. Red florence onions are now big enough to sell and are looking glossy. More cucumbers, which are indeed our star vegetable at the moment. Celery, courgette and the first of the tomatoes. More raspberries, and the last of our white peach. Beetroot and the first of the carrots.


Next week we will have sausages for sale and at the begining of September our chickens will be plump and ready for the table!

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