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Better late than never

We are off to one of our outlying fields this morning (Tuesday) for another big planting session.This time a mixture of crops for the early Autumn and winter. Several beds worth of the ever popular Cavalo Nero, two varieties this year, our favourite is Lacianato, which we had sent to us from the U.S. Thanks to Kees and Brian (customers now living in New York). Rain is forecast for this afternoon, so hoping we can keep ahead of the rain, and not have to water the plants in…. always very satisfying and helpful.


We had roast pork on Sunday for our lunch, new potatoes and delicious braised celery. Our celery at the moment is small and young. We cut the celery into 5″ lengths and halved them. We softened them in butter and cooked them very slowly with the lid on, turning just the once. The kitchen was filled with very strong celery scents. Once soft we added a dash of lemon juice and two teaspoons of creme fraiche. Very delicious and extra good cold with cheese on toast for supper. Such a delicious treat from a little used vegetable.


It was nice to have our own cucumbers this week, a truly fresh cucumber is a delight, not at all bitter, but with flavour and a good crunch… more on the way from the rampant plants this week. A lunchtime staple for us thsi week. Beetroot is at last sizing up and we will have some for sale on Saturday. Possibly the first of the red florence onions too.  Can’t believe that the summer fruits are nearly over, however summer raspberries are still going strong, with signs of the Autumn raspberries coming along nicely. Another batch of our home grown white peaches again this week.

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