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Olympic Flaming Hot

At last some warm, hot, even weather. Brassicas are  in the ground at last… that’s cabbage family plants to you!  We have been amazed how much things have grown this week, literally before one’s eyes. They have all been waiting for the warmth, and we have seen carrots and parsnips double in their height just in the past few days. We have been working round the clock to catch up, and try to get weeds under control…. but that is next weeks job.


The sheep have been sheared at last, and lambs separated from their Mums, so lots of baying and calling going on by the youngsters. They now will fatten on the grass and be ready for sale in September. Meanwhile the ewes can put their baby weight back on and have a time to fatten up for the winter. Our cows are quiet in this heat, standing under the trees for shade, and feeding on the grass as the sun lowers in the evening. It is lovely to walk around the farm at night and smell the wonderful scents of summer.


Our tomato plants are turning into monster plants, and will need trimming and sideshooting on the next fruit day on Monday. Possibly the first of the tomatoes coming in the next few days. Raspberries are on fine form, large and very sweet. Probably the last batch of strawberries this week.


Fruit vinegars are back this week too, raspberry, joster and a wonderful loganberry. more of Harry’s raspberry jam too.


Hoping that you can all get to us on Saturday, with the Olympics and all. We have one bunch of team G.B flowers, otherwise some amazing white, very scented long stemmed sweetpeas… absolutely heavenly!

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