Summer on it’s way | Fern Verrow

Summer on it’s way

The forecast looks good for the next week, dry and warm at last! Hopefully a chance to get planting and drilling again. As well as the oppurtunity for the few crops we have to get some warmth and to grow. We have had to make a few drastic decisions to enable us make the best of what has been our most diffucult growing year ever… and we have had a few! We have a productive and rewarding week, making the very best of what we have.  Mint jelly makes a return this week. We have made two batches using whitecurrants as we did last year, and another batch using gooseberry jelly as the base, we are very pleased with this,  the flavour and sharpness of the gooseberries with the mint tastes delicious. We have some lamb for sale this week, so be sure to grab a jar of mint jelly to accompany the lamb. Raspberry jam too and also some blackcurrant jelly.


Spinach and chard from the greenhouse, two varieties of new potatoes from a fellow biodynamic grower near Gloucester. Tender small bunches of celery, radish and salad bags. Although the lettuce have had a rough time, they are tight and turgid and have lots of flavour. Flowers too this week.

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