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Making tracks

The middle of July and we are doing work that we would expect to be doing in the Autumn. Our land is still saturated and our growing progress is more than hampered. Very frustrating and exhausting, however we are progressing with our ” landscaping ” project. Harry has started to build stone pathways through a woodland area that we are planning to turn into a woodland-bog garden. We are using stone from one of the quarries in our area.


Also with visitors last weekend some nice cooking was done. Blackcurrant pie, made with a rich shortcrust pastry. Thanks to Jane Grigson we got the perfect quantity of sugar with the blackcurrants (175g to 500g of currant) This allowed the tartness of the currants to be present without the cheek sucking sourness to spoil the pie. Another 70’s classic was also produced for pudding number two. This time a raspberry syllabub, courtesy of Nigel Slater’s amazing Tender fruit book.


Again lots of soft fruit for sale this Saturday. Gooseberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Loganberries, Josterberries and Blackcurrants. New potatoes purchased from a biodynamic grower in Gloucester. Some green leaves from our greenhouse. More Iris this week and at last some beautiful white sweet peas. More strawberry jam and a batch of redcurrant jelly.


Bacon and gammon  from the latest batch of pigs.

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