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The rain is not in Spain

Plenty of rain again this week and more on the way. The wettest June since records began say the forecasters. Hoping that things will change soon. Meanwhile we continue to do what we can and tend to the plants. Our propagating greenhouse is a sea of greens with the winter brassicas waiting to be planted. We give them a liquid feed of nettle to keep them going in their plugs, a wonderful liquid manure. Soak nettles in water for at least a week, dilute 50: 50 with water and apply to moist soil. It smells absolutely dreadful, but it works a treat. Especially good at the moment for crops in your garden as the rain will be flushing away good nutrients.


This week we have lots of berries. strawberries are coming to an end, raspberries are just starting, and hopefully if the sun comes soon then they will be bountiful. Gooseberries have loved the rain and are weighing down the bushes. Blackcurrants make their first appearance this week. We managed to make some strawberry jam this week, and also an elderflower and goosberry jam which is out of this world.


The first of the sweet peas are begining to bloom, white ones this year, lovely purple iris and pretty daisy like tansy to reimnd us of the sun  and keep us cheery.


Sausages too this week, with bacon and gammon next week.

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