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Summer Fruits

Sorry for the absence of the post the last two weeks, have had nothing much to say that might have been of interest, we have not been feeling our usual positive selves, with our work being such a struggle of late. T he weather rambles on with more rain than we need, enough about that. The last couple of days of sunshine, and much 501 (silica) spraying by Harry  has brought our soft fruits on very nicely. The strawberries are looking redder and less rain damaged. The gooseberries have turned to a yellow green indicating that they are ready to eat. We will bring some elderflowers to accompany the gooseberries, one of the best companions. As we walk around the farm the perfume of the elderflower is incredibly strong. The blooms are spectacular, more so than we have ever seen. In fact trees in general are having a wonderful time. I would suspect that with a dry winter and summer of last year, their growth had been stunted somewhat, but every tree around our area seems to have shot up and they are looking magnificent. It is fascinating to observe growth, adaptability and  suitability of plants to each different season, especially in the extremes of the past few years.


As I said many soft fruits this week, along with the strawberries and gooseberries already mentioned we will have some tayberries, redcurrants and a few of the first raspberries. So dig out your best Nigel Slater summer pudding recipe.

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