Blooming marvellous | Fern Verrow

Blooming marvellous

The potatoes are planted. Carrots and parsnips sown, and the first of the seedlings are in the fields. This has meant much irrigation in the evenings. Rain is forecast for Sunday, so we are hoping to have a good days worth to help the germination of the drilled seeds. Our soil is behaving very well after being hit with such extremes. A very busy week, rushing to get lots of food in the ground and make the most of the dry and warm. The Hawthorn is in flower and Bees are busy swarming. The rain scheduled for the weekend will be just the job for all the seeds and young plants that we have put into the ground.


For sale at Spa Terminus this Saturday,we have lots of Lettuce, Spinach, Radishes. Delicious over-wintering fresh onions and many beautiful flowers; Lupins, Roses, Foxgloves and plenty of fresh herbs.

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